Owlab Neon Linear Switches
Owlab Neon Linear Switches
Owlab Neon Linear Switches
Owlab Neon Linear Switches


Owlab Neon Linear Switches

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Owlab Neon Switches is the newest switch in the Owlab popular switch lineup. These linear switches consists of an anti-wobble case with a blended nylon housing and mixed POM stem material.


15 included in each pack



  • Linear
  • Anti-Wobble Top Housing
  • Top Housing: nylon blend
  • Bottom Housing: Nylon Blend
  • Stem: Special, Mixed POM
  • Total Travel 3.5mm
  • 62g bottom-out force
  • Dual stage spring, 20mm
  • Light Lube from Factory

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
10 really bad bent pins

I’m sorry but I don’t care what’s “normal”. A product that doesn’t work out of the box isn’t normal. 10 bad switches out of 90. That doesn’t happen when I order obscuras.

Improvements over the original neon

When I first ordered neons on release, they had a pretty common problem where quite a large number of switches would have a strange "stickiness" in that they would get a little stuck at the bottom. In the batches I ordered, it was about 10% of all the switches and the only way to fix it was to take apart the switch and re-lubricate them myself. These seem to be updated and don't exhibit that problem, so for box linear switches, they're some of the best.

Steven Dean
Fast shipping

Great switch stock and fast shipping. Will buy again!

Paul Ballesteros
Instant Favourite Switch!

First time trying a long pole switch and I was surprised by how much I liked it. I don't think I will lube/film this switch as it is already great stock. Would recommend for sure and may have to get more as extra for other boards in the future!

Clean, crisp, clacks with consistent factory lubing.

Very pure sounding switches. If you are looking for that end of the sound spectrum, these will not disappoint. Factory lubing is pretty darn consistent. I did open up a few to relube. I tend to relube and poron film all my switches though.