jwk durock t1 tactile switches
jwk durock t1 tactile switches
jwk durock t1 POM tactile switches
jwk durock t1 POM tactile switches stem spring
jwk durock t1 POM tactile switches

JWK Durock

Durock T1 Sunflower POM Tacticle Switches

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Type:Sunflower POM T1
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JWK Durock Sunflower Switches, also referred to as POM T1 Switches, utilize the same proprietary POM blend as the Durock Piano Switches. Similar tactility to the popular T1 switches. 


Durock Sunflowers are a must-have for all tactile lovers.

Offer both lubed and unlubed version

Sold in pack of 15



  • Full POM Housing
  • Mystery Material Stem
  • 5-Pins
  • Tactile Switch – T1 Tactility
  • 67g Spring
  • Travel: 4mm
  • Operating: 2mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Henry T

Recommended from pkkeys discord.

Used both u4t and sunflowers and 100% prefer the sunflowers.

Alan L
Great Alterative to Bobas

Picked up some sunflower t1 after using boba u4t's for a while because I love how they look.

Both have totally different tactility.

u4t have longer stem pole that bottom out earlier. As a result you have louder but deeper sound. Bump is up top.

t1 has a mid-bump and similar to the expensive zealios switches.

Both are decent with factory lube, t1is recommeneded to lube meanwhile I can use the boba's without lube.

Kenneth Drayson
Looks and feels good!

Instantly stocked up when received email notification. These are super tactile (moreso than holy panda), but can be a little loud. Very strong bump.

t1 sunflower

glad to see pkkeyboards stock JWK durock switches. feels great, sharp tactility but pingy stock. highly recommend lube. in my experience switch films were not needed since the switches were pretty tight.

Madison Turner
Sunflower t1 endgame switch?

i bought 90 switches and received it all, the order was well packaged and it arrived pretty safely and intact.

Came with extra stickers!