20 acrylic lubricant switch station
20 acrylic lubricant switch station product photo
36 acrylic lubricant switch station
36 acrylic lubricant switch station
20 acrylic lubricant switch station close up


20 & 36 Acrylic Switch Station

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Size:20 switches
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Get a lube station to keep organized when lubing your switches!

  • 20 switch lube station
  • 36 switch lube station 

Package includes

  • 4 aluminum legs
  • 4 washers
  • 4 screws
  • acrylic lube station


Dimensions for 20 switch lube station

  • 7.6 inch x 6.5 inch x .3inch

Dimensions for 36 switch lube station

  • 11.1 inch x 6.3 inch x .3 inch

Measurements are approximate

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Louis E
Bit the Bullet!

Been holding off on getting a lube station for a while now even though I regularly lube switches for friends.

After getting one, I can't believe I didn't pick one up sooner. Greatly speeds up the process and keeps everything organized. Don't use the spring compartment since I bag lube springs. Wish they removed it and replaced with something else like a place to hold your lubricant container.

Picked up with a gateron switch puller. Both save so much time and can't imagine not having either on any future keyboard builds.

Tyrone W.
Twenty Switch Lube Station

This lube station was super efficient and I was able to lube 20 switches at a time.

Also functions as a switch tester.

Jay Simer
Lubricant Table

For a beginner will do, sped up lubing and keeps everything organized.

Wish I picked up a 20 instead, the 36 was a little big.

Will Bezek
20 station

bought one after a friend recommended. huge help to lubing switches, keeps everything organized and sped up the process a lot.

Sydney Laurie
36 acrylic lube station

Hands down a very worth it purchase! saved time lubed my switches and kept everything organized . The platform was very easy to build .