Who We Are

Custom keyboards is way more than a keyboard to enthusiasts. The ability to express yourself and fine tuning a keyboard to your liking. pkkeyboards was grown due to lack in instant available parts including switches, stabilizers and long shipping/wait times to get some of these parts. Our mission is to create an online shopping experience that is as warm, friendly, and satisfying and build a community of loyal customers who share our values of personal touch, community, and confidence.


Our Mission

In 2021 we founded pkkeyboards with the vision to provide super quick shipping/turn around time for community to receive parts/products instantly.

In a market riddled with long wait times, group buys, and delayed shipping pkkeyboards has always believed in lighting speed fulfillment and fast shipping times. We have stood by the belief in same day fulfillment and shipping.


Core Values

Personal Touch

The ability to customize/personalize your keyboard and fine tune to your liking with in-stock, ready to ship parts.

Community First

We are grateful to the niche customer/community base that helped us kick start, always listening and taking feedback to better provide service.


As huge enthusiasts ourselves, the products we put out are a reflection of the communities like/interests.